Maragogype variety grows in our crops

maragogype variety trees

Maragogype variety , also known as “elephant” due to its size, is a variety of Arabica coffee that is grown mainly in Brazil, but also in other countries such as Colombia. This variety is highly valued by specialty coffee lovers due to its distinctive flavor and rarity. Maragogipe coffee is grown in tropical and subtropical […]

Harvest Updates (07th Feb to 13th Feb)

We are in the process of transition from the 2021 harvest to the 2022 harvest, for this reason the volumes are low and the qualities are not the best. The coffee that is available in the market at this time is from the cold zones and the volumes are very low. We are waiting for […]


Though we’ve lived through a difficult year, we in the Colombian coffee business are excited. Not just because our country is slowly reopening, but because it’s our time of the year.  The main harvest is among us and it could not have come at a better time. Prior to the pandemic, the state of Antioquia […]

Origin Coffee – The importance of buying directly from Producers.

When you think of origin Colombian coffee, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? To many, Colombian coffee is the country’s rich soil, altitude, and ideal weather. These factors combined make the perfect morning brew. But Origin Colombian coffee is something much bigger.  In the 1700s when coffee was first brought to the new […]

Specialty Colombian Coffee Growers Prepare for Main Harvest Amid Covid-19

Though the world is undergoing massive market changes in every industry, specialty Colombian coffee growers in the lush mountains of Antioquia prepare for their busiest season. The main harvest.  These are scary times for the world but coffee lovers all over the world know that getting your morning brew is more important than ever. Colombian […]


Since the 1950s, Specialty Colombian Coffee has been regarded as among the highest quality coffee in the world. The country’s unique geography has allowed us to traditionally grow Arabica beans and the terrain is well-suited to produce a delicious, high-quality brew. But what’s it like to visit a real-life, Colombian coffee farm? Cafelumbus has 5 […]


Every coffee lover will give you different reasons why coffee is important to them. Whether it’s that morning cup that gets you ready for the day or remembering the smell of a fresh brew in the morning as a child. Coffee has been a part of many lives. For us as coffee producers, we can […]

When is the next harvest in Cafelumbus?

When is Cafelumbus harvesting again? Flycrop or Mitaca from April to June Flycrop in Antioquia is starting now ¨This is the opportunity to see “Marra” “THE ABUNDANCE” in red coffee cherries, ¡It’s a time full of surprises! We have been waiting for a long time to cup what we take been caring off for more than […]


2020 MEET CAFELUMBUS Passionate Specialty Colombian Coffee Growers focused on bringing you excellent coffee, experimental flavors, and traceability in all of our processes and decisions. We aim to make it easier for you when selling the coffee you acquired from us. Today, buying specialty green coffee is not just analyzing the notes, texture, varietal and […]