Empowering Women Coffee Pickers in Colombia

The Unsung Heroes of Ciudad Bolívar: Celebrating the Women Coffee Pickers of La Colombia Farm Amid the lush coffee plantations of Ciudad Bolívar, where the landscape is painted with coffee plants basking in the summer sun and nourished by the intense rains that drench the mountain slopes, a unique story unfolds. This region, bordering Chocó […]

Our Specialty Coffee at SCA Chicago

At Cafelumbus, it is our honor to represent the hard work of Colombian coffee pickers and farmers at the global stage. Our participation in the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Chicago highlights our commitment to showcasing the world’s finest Specialty Colombian Coffee. Why Specialty Colombian Coffee? Colombian coffee is renowned for its rich flavors […]

Crafting Conscious Coffee: Organic and BASC Certified

As coffee enthusiasts, we understand the value of ethically sourced, organic coffee that enriches our lives with each sip. Our commitment to responsible harvesting, environmental stewardship, and fair treatment of coffee farmers sets the standard in the market. We take pride in our three certifications: European Organic, USDA, and BASC. European and American organic certifications […]

Comprehensive Approach for Sustainable Farming

Embracing Regenerative Agriculture: A Comprehensive Approach for Sustainable Farming At Cafelumbus, we’re dedicated to regenerative agriculture as a fundamental principle guiding our farming practices. Our holistic approach begins with meticulous assessment and planning, ensuring the sustainability of our operations. Building Soil Health: The Foundation of a Thriving Ecosystem We understand that healthy soil is the […]

A Deep Dive into Cafelumbus Regenerative Agriculture

At Cafelumbus, we believe that coffee is more than just a delicious beverage; it’s a symbol of connection, passion for the land, and a commitment to a sustainable future. We achieve this by implementing regenerative agricultural practices that not only protect the environment but also enhance the quality of our coffee. What is regenerative agriculture? […]

Maximizing Coffee Traceability

Do you know how we ensure traceability from production on our farms at Cafelumbus? Through SOFIA, an agricultural management software created by producers and adapted for small and large companies, customized according to the needs of coffee cultivation. It allows for the management and control of coffee batch production, inputs, and tasks by cost centers. […]

Maragogype variety grows in our crops

maragogype variety trees

Maragogype variety , also known as “elephant” due to its size, is a variety of Arabica coffee that is grown mainly in Brazil, but also in other countries such as Colombia. This variety is highly valued by specialty coffee lovers due to its distinctive flavor and rarity. Maragogipe coffee is grown in tropical and subtropical […]

Harvest Updates (07th Feb to 13th Feb)

We are in the process of transition from the 2021 harvest to the 2022 harvest, for this reason the volumes are low and the qualities are not the best. The coffee that is available in the market at this time is from the cold zones and the volumes are very low. We are waiting for […]


Though we’ve lived through a difficult year, we in the Colombian coffee business are excited. Not just because our country is slowly reopening, but because it’s our time of the year.  The main harvest is among us and it could not have come at a better time. Prior to the pandemic, the state of Antioquia […]