Empowering Women Coffee Pickers in Colombia

The Unsung Heroes of Ciudad Bolívar: Celebrating the Women Coffee Pickers of La Colombia Farm

Amid the lush coffee plantations of Ciudad Bolívar, where the landscape is painted with coffee plants basking in the summer sun and nourished by the intense rains that drench the mountain slopes, a unique story unfolds. This region, bordering Chocó and characterized by its steep mountains that challenge even the most agile creatures, provides a breathtaking backdrop for an extraordinary community of women coffee pickers.

At La Colombia farm, a delightful surprise awaited us: a dedicated team of female coffee pickers who have spent the last eight years tending to and harvesting the coffee plants. Led by Dora, their leader and motivator, these women embody resilience and dedication. Dora is more than just a maternal figure; through her hard work, she not only supports her family but also inspires and guides her team of women, who share her passion for the land.

Empowering Women in the Coffee Industry

The women coffee pickers of Colombia play a crucial role in the coffee industry. Studies indicate that women make up a significant portion of the labor force in coffee production, often contributing to up to 70% of the fieldwork. Despite their essential contributions, they frequently face challenges such as limited access to resources, training, and fair wages. Initiatives that support and empower these women are vital for the sustainability and development of the coffee sector.

Celebrating the Contribution of Women on Our Farms

On our farms, we fully support and recognize the invaluable contribution of women’s hands in fieldwork and the haute cuisine that some of our farm administrators’ wives masterfully deliver. Today, Dora and her four “superwomen” take the spotlight as we had the privilege to speak with them, learn about their daily routines, and appreciate how they honor their livelihood. Their stories reflect the strength and dedication of women in the coffee industry, underscoring the importance of their role in sustaining this vital sector.

Join Us in Honoring the Women of La Colombia Farm

At Cafelumbus, we believe in the power of community and the importance of supporting the women who are the backbone of our coffee production. Join us in celebrating Dora and her team of remarkable women. By supporting initiatives that empower female coffee pickers, we can ensure a sustainable and equitable future for the coffee industry.


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