Maximizing Coffee Traceability

Do you know how we ensure traceability from production on our farms at Cafelumbus? Through SOFIA, an agricultural management software created by producers and adapted for small and large companies, customized according to the needs of coffee cultivation. It allows for the management and control of coffee batch production, inputs, and tasks by cost centers.

SOFIA consists of both a platform and a mobile app for installation on mobile devices. It includes a confidentiality agreement for data management, and the app enables real-time data collection and synchronization to the cloud. Data can only be modified directly from the platform. It’s a dynamic software with regular updates. Upon entry, farm workers receive basic training in software usage using their cell phones.



The software provides us with useful real-time information for decision-making, such as evaluating cost execution, controlling various field applications, and assessing batch productivity. It also allows us to provide customers with real-time crop status information and streamlines information management for administrative and accounting processes.

Its four main components include:

  1. Area information: associating farms and lots with cost centers for management and control.
  2. User management: an admin user oversees the six farms and various app users who input field data.
  3. Worker performance: tracking kilograms harvested per day, per lot, and annually, with detailed reporting.
  4. Task records: documenting tasks in each lot, such as fertilizer and pesticide applications, input expenses, and machinery usage, facilitating payment processing. Additionally, a virtual warehouse manages inputs through the platform.

Furthermore, it offers technical assistance for scheduling and aligning tasks based on each lot’s needs, including field visits and worker registration. It also includes a module for personalized management of certifications, if applicable.


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