Our Community

Is part of our Coffee World

After a global pandemic we understood in Cafelumbus, that helping each other is a main thing we need to do and to  support companies with beautiful human-beans.

We want to make an impact in the society, starting with children, the main purpose of this campaign.

The Purpose:

To provide the best options and the best quality of life that we can afford to two lovely fundations that are close to our heart.

Why this kids?

A foundation based in Medellín that helps kids that suffer from brain injuries and other disabilities.

We want to help them with ways such as therapy and tutoring.

The orphanage Santa Ana de Lima is located in Ciudad Bolivar, our home town and where our coffee farms are located. The orphanage is going through a hard time since most of the coffee shops and other companies from the area, where close during pandemic times, therefore they are not able to help any more.

We have three options for you to


and better
quality of


Ten years ago, we co-founded an environmental organization called Coamar, which works to educate the local farmers to farm sustainably and take care of the natural resources in the region.

Coamar’s goals are to protect our region and to improve the life quality of the people in the region.