When I first arrived at La Reserva, it was said production on this land was all but impossible. However, with a clear vision, dreams of growth, and love for nature and coffee inspired me to begin this project. This passion encouraged me to become a leader and do what was said couldn’t be done. When you have passion and love for what you do, anything is possible. 

I am responsible for over 200 acres of natural reserve and this fills me with tremendous pride. Thanks to the preservation of this land, we are also caring for thousands of species, one of which is the endangered Andean Bear. A creature that is native to this land, the Andean, or spectacled bear is the only surviving species of bear native to South America. It is our obligation as well as future generations to take care of this reserve. 

Times of despair are always opportunities for a new beginning, and our early stages at La Reserva were just that. The farm was abandoned and the land was huge but we had hope. We saw the land had the right characteristics such as height and soil for a high-quality specialty coffee. Today, our clients and everyone involved in the process of producing and distributing our coffee can attest to La Reserva’s land is ideal. The fresh air, beautiful views, and endless green colored scenery offered to us by the mountains make it perfect.

Adventures and learning to coexist on our SPECIALTY COFFEE EXPEDITIONS