La Secreta is without a doubt the place where I have my fondest memories. The trees, flowers, animals, views and clean air remind me of my childhood. Growing up here was a dream come true and I am reminded of this every time I walk by some of my favorite spots as a little girl. I lived magical moments here and my memories all revolve around coffee. 

Today, I happily remember every experience and memory I have of this mysterious and truly magical place. Memories that would eventually create the foundation for the coffee we grow today. This success is the result of hard-work and sacrifice that with dedication and love allowed us to have one of the best-tasting coffees.

The height of the mountains, geographic position and the leadership of the women on the farm paved the way for a new world of innovation. With more than 30 hectares, 20 from which are cultivated in coffee and 10 in natural reserves, we have 100.000 trees and 4 different varieties to fill the hearts of our community with the best coffee of La Secreta.

Adventures and learning to coexist on our SPECIALTY COFFEE EXPEDITIONS