Santiago Jurado: Cafelumbus’ Coffee Chivalry Commander

Meet Santiago Jurado, the driving force behind the green coffee sales at Cafelumbus. With a deep-rooted passion for coffee that began during his childhood travels between Armenia and Medellín, Santiago’s journey from an amateur barista to a key player in the coffee industry is as rich and flavorful as the beans he helps to bring to market. Today, we delve into his story, exploring his favorite coffee varieties, the joys of his work, and his unique hobbies. Join us as we get to know the man dedicated to sharing Colombia’s finest coffees with the world.

Name: Santiago Jurado · Favorite Coffee: Caturra Chiroso

How did you get started in this industry?

When I was little, I used to travel a lot between Armenia and Medellín, and the route was filled with coffee crops. I got really curious about understanding how it works, growing from an amateur barista to being the sales guy!

Which part of your job do you enjoy the most, and why?

Visiting the farms and chatting with the farmers and people from the towns. You get to see how different their life perspectives are, and that makes me more eager to share it with different countries.

What do you love doing besides coffee?

I practice fencing 🤺 since I was 10 years old. I also love traveling and meeting people from different countries.

Any hobby or fun fact?

I’m color blind—hehe, not so drastic though.

Have you been to Denmark?

I was at the airport once before!

Which beer do you want to try first?

I prefer the darker ones, so let’s see!

How many new coffees will you bring to Copenhagen?

At least 30 different ones 🤓

From his early days of curiosity sparked by coffee crops to becoming a vital part of Cafelumbus, Santiago Jurado’s journey is a testament to passion and dedication. His love for visiting farms and connecting with local communities shines through in every aspect of his work. As he continues to bring exceptional Colombian coffees to new markets, we look forward to the innovative and diverse flavors he will introduce. Stay tuned to Cafelumbus.com for more insights and stories from the heart of the coffee industry.


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