Our Specialty Coffee at SCA Chicago

At Cafelumbus, it is our honor to represent the hard work of Colombian coffee pickers and farmers at the global stage. Our participation in the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Chicago highlights our commitment to showcasing the world’s finest Specialty Colombian Coffee.

Why Specialty Colombian Coffee?

Colombian coffee is renowned for its rich flavors and high quality. At Cafelumbus, we work directly with Colombian coffee farmers, some of whom have been in the coffee cultivation industry for generations. These relationships help us ensure that every bean we select meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

The SCA Chicago Expo

The SCA Expo is a pivotal event for coffee enthusiasts and professionals worldwide, offering an unparalleled opportunity to experience and appreciate the diversity of specialty coffee. For us at Cafelumbus, it’s a platform to elevate the hard work of coffee growers by connecting them with an international audience. It’s where we share our passion and let the quality of our coffee speak for itself.

During the expo, we were thrilled to meet other coffee aficionados who share our enthusiasm for exceptional brews. The positive feedback and smiles we received upon sampling our coffee were immensely gratifying and a testament to the growers’ dedication.

Looking Ahead: WOC Copenhagen

As we look forward to our next event, the World of Coffee (WOC) in Copenhagen, we are excited to meet more of you. This event will be another fantastic opportunity to sample the greatness of Colombian coffee. If you are around, come taste what makes Colombian specialty coffee truly special in just one cup.


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