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Harvest highlights

2023 - 2024

Although the general market situation took a toll on most of the aspects of consistency in 2021, we have put a tremendous amount of effort, to find new specialty coffee producing partners and sourced many lots of new coffees to flatted the dip of available options in our coffee offer.

There have been cupping tables that blew our minds just recently We do have some incredible profile coffees and good volume estate and regional lots for this harvest to be shipped by November – January.

( Are a roaster that has not bought directly before? That’s ok we will connect you with our importing partner in your area or we can arrange logistics with your importer)

Guidebook for Colombian SPECIALTY COFFEE IMPORTERS and roasters


If you are looking for an allied provider at origin who you can rely on to export beautiful coffees, but also someone who can offer you an added value in the coffee supply chain, you would need to learn some aspects that could make a difference at the moment to choose who you want to partner up with.

The are a lot of benefits when the exporter also has direct relationships with other coffee growers and associations that supply the coffee. This means that the exporter as a coffee buyer has better control in primary stages of the supply chain and can also pay fair prices to the farmers.

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Guidebook for Colombian SPECIALTY COFFEE IMPORTERS and roasters

What has been Cafelumbus' focus this year?


Yes, this year has been a bit different and by consistency we don’t mean that we can offer the same quality and volume of coffee for the same price as last year. We stay consistent with our effort to flatten the market’s price spikes and quality dips to provide most reasonable offers and be obsessed about customers’ success.

Wider offer by 24%

Our specialty coffee offer indeed got wider by 24% this year. Also, many of the coffee lots got contracted and sold out much sooner since some of the farms suffered more than 50% loss in production for this harvest. Thanks to our partners for clarifying their needs and placing orders that helped us to go out there on sourcing trips and open new sourcing relationships across Colombia.

Customer-centric service

Cultivating long-term relationships with great coffee people,  where customer success taken seriously. We tailor our offers and recommendation to your needs, organize aftersale trainings on the ordered coffees. Help your clients to order the right coffees and much more added value to our coffees and relationships.


How we source?

We work with producers from different regions of Colombia who have been able to
maintain their quality standards on a consistent basis.
Our coffees come mainly from small individual producers, however we know that
buying coffee from different individual producers is a challenge in terms of quality
preservation, logistics, time and resources, therefore we have strong sourcing from
producer associations, who have the direct relationship with its members and can
provide support in collection, quality, financing, education and additionally they can
carry out preliminary quality filters to ensure that only the best coffees are available
for supply, optimizing the process.


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