Almost at the top of the mountain where the Monarch butterflies fly there is a specialty coffee farm named in their honours. We don’t know where they go or where they come from and they have many miles to cover on their journey. We just want to make sure their stopover is nice and re-energizing. We have always seen so many symbolic analogies with the butterflies that we could relate with so eventually the time had come to honour our little but majestic creatures and let our farm organically acquire the name as a Monarch sanctuary, “Monarca.” Name, worth getting goosebumps indeed!


One of a few analogies that we see is that as the days go by, our varietals go from hiding on the mountain soil that is  rich in nutrients to becoming a healthy and productive trees, such as a new “Monarchs” with unique flavours, leading to a second analogy of migration to the cupping tables of exotic specialty coffee lovers. 


Finca Monarca is a piece of heaven anchored at 2000 meters above sea level between forests and water sources, adjacent to our emblematic farm La Colombia. To access it there is a challenge of climbing the mountain at the pace of Trekking for 60 minutes through coffee plantations in Gesha, Caturra, Maragogype and among forests full of life.

Adventures and learning to coexist on our SPECIALTY COFFEE EXPEDITIONS