Cup Colombian Specialty Coffee W/ The Producer

Cup Colombian Specialty Coffee W/ The Producer. Join us on a journey to WOC Copenhagen, where we are set to showcase the finest Colombian Specialty Coffee. As we prepare for this year’s World of Coffee (WOC) event, we reflect on the lessons learned and the excitement of presenting our coffee to the world.

Arranging Our Participation
Just a year ago, we were racing to arrange our participation at WOC Athens. The challenges we faced and the meticulous planning have prepared us for an even more remarkable presence at WOC Copenhagen.

At WOC Copenhagen, we will be accompanied by one of our farmers, the owner of La Reserva, the largest farm in our portfolio. This unique opportunity allows you to connect directly with the source of our exceptional coffee, highlighting the greatness of Colombian Specialty Coffee.

Meet Our Founders
In addition to our farmer, one of our founders will also be present at WOC Copenhagen. Learn about our journey, our commitment to sustainability, and our passion for producing the finest Colombian coffee.

Experience the Greatness of Colombian Specialty Coffee: Join us at WOC Copenhagen to experience the excellence of Colombian Specialty Coffee. Taste the flavors, meet the faces behind our coffee, and discover why Colombian coffee is renowned worldwide.


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