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In the Southwest region of the department of Antioquia lies a municipality by the name of Ciudad Bolivar. A small city known by many as the place that embodies the ‘paisa’ go-getter worker mentality, Ciudad Bolivar is one of Colombia’s most respected coffee towns. 

It is here where Cafelumbus has its 5 coffee farms and grows its award-winning Speciality coffee. But that’s not all that goes on. The region is known for wildlife and as #watchersoftheland, it is our responsibility to ensure the hundreds of species continue to call this place home.

But what kind of species live here and why is it so important that their natural habitat is preserved? For starters, Cafelumbus watches over a whopping 300 hectares of natural reserve within these 5 coffee farms. This land includes almost a dozen water sources found in the form of rivers, streams, springs, and groundwater that are used by us and the townspeople on a daily basis.

Our labour is always based on wellness, health, wealth, good relation with our neighbors, and respect for nature.

There are dozens of plants and animals who have inhabited these lands long before we got here. Plants and critters who are the true keepers of the land and whose homes are constantly jeopardized due to deforestations and greed.

Some of these creatures native to the region but a few are also considered endangered. Which is why as Watchers of the Land, Cafelumbus continuously strives towards the preservation of their home. 


In the lush mountains of Ciudad Bolivar, deep in the heart of Cafelumbus farms we preserve the habitat of:



Spectabled Bear

Tiger Cat

Golden Tanager



Chachalacas, Partridge, Red Bellied Grackle (native to Colombia), Yellow headed manakin (native to Colombia and Ecuador), Eared Dove (Native to South America), Smooth billed ani, Violetear, Roadside Hawk, Tropical screech owl, Venezuelan Troupial, Amazonian motmot, Green jay, Yellow backed oriole.

other species

Cricket frog, Cape rain frog, Opossums, Bats, Armadillos, Oncilla (endangered), Ocelot, Olinguito (new species discovered in 2013 and native to colombia and ecuador), South American Coati, Clouded snake, Spectacled Bear.