The big What and Where

and even bigger who and why


The Expeditions organized  to come, explore and learn about coffee, us, the region and Colombia.


Ciudad Bolivar, Jardin and other places in Antioquia, Colombia.


Because we want you to meet our best farmers and help you find the coffee that you are interested in.


Primarily we welcome coffee roasters and buyers and other coffee producers.


You are always welcome

You are always welcome to come and learn about our specialty coffee growing practices and processing. You will learn about our sustainable and transparent operations and will have an opportunity to experience daily life of a specialty coffee farmer in Colombia. And yes, we are really waiting for you to come visit us.

Neither bean nor cup people of the coffee industry would survive or even exist without each other, but often the farmers have never tried their own coffee and neither roasters or baristas have stepped on the soil which has provided them with amazing specialty coffee beans.

We want to invite you to use this opportunity, where you can learn all about growing, picking and processing coffee.

In return you can us teach and explain to the farmers, how and what matters in roasting and making coffee. To see them try their own coffee for the first time is more than rewarding…

Packing is easy



Clothes for warm weather

Colombia is a tropical country. Day temperatures are between 20 and 27

Long sleeves and pants

Theses are the situations when long sleeves and pants look really cool:

    • When the evening gets chilly
    • When it’s very sunny
    • When riding a horse

And also Colombian bugs don’t like people with long sleeves and long pants that much.

Hiking Shoes

In Colombia is acceptable to go swiming with a swimsuit. We will go to places where you will get uncontrolable desire to go for a dip.


No camera – no pictures! No pictures – it didn’t happen they say!

SUN SCREEN & bug repellent

Sun screen
A highly recommended item to have. To be able to sleep painlessly after first being outside on the coffee farms.

Bug repellent

Sometimes bugs like to bite exotic foreign skin.:) Bring your favourite bug repellent.



Powerbank for your devices and power bars if your energy thank will go low. We will have long days.


Water and all the items mentioned have to be packed somewhere.


Sun glasses

Oh yes, it gets sunny, really sunny sometimes.



Don’t forget your medications, whatever that would be: prescribed pharmaceuticals, pain killers, allergy pills, etc.


We can promise you, that you will want to give the same to the farmers that invite you to their homes and prepare you delicious lunch.


100% you will regret leaving this one at home. Pictures will not look nice witout you smile and dogs will bark at you on the farms. Strongly recomended to bring a spare one in case the airlines loose it on your 30 hour flight.

…and a Toothbrush

If you brought you smile it is better to bring your toothbrush and also other toileteries. Hotels dont always provide full set.


It is not an obligation and totally up to you,but if you wanted to give a little something from your country for a farmer’s wife that will cook you delicious dinner or for a farmer that will show you around his farm, maybe their kids or simply someone else that you meet along the way, it makes people smile 🙂

Origin trips are tailored arround your needs

Leave your contact details so we can tell you more details about the Expeditions, advice, and consult about anything that is related to our visits.

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