The mountains, the smell of coffee, the color of flowers, and our daily schedule of hiking our land with masl between 1600 and 2,050 has been my motivation. It is here, up in the mountains where I grow one of Colombia’s most renowned natural treasures, coffee. It represents us and identifies us anywhere as the best coffee producers in the world.

I have been growing coffee for over 70 years and it has become the legacy my grandchildren will carry on. We’re also sitting on 70 acres of a natural reserve for future generations which gives us the obligation to preserve nature.

Growing and picking cherries from more than 280,000 trees and being a spectator of the whole process we carry out, fills me with pride. We have 321 acres of land and want to bring specialty coffee to the world. Proudly carrying the title of the main coffee picker for our Caturra and Maragogipe microlots is the reason why I work hard to discover new blends of specialty coffee.

Adventures and learning to coexist on our SPECIALTY COFFEE EXPEDITIONS