coffee flowering: a crucial event in crops

coffee flower

Coffee flowering is a crucial event within the productive stage of coffee, since it marks the beginning of the harvest cycle. 7 of our main farms have outstanding production with healthy crops and trees in excellent condition. In Colombia it occurs at different time of the year and regions of the country and is influenced […]

Maragogype variety grows in our crops

maragogype variety trees

Maragogype variety , also known as “elephant” due to its size, is a variety of Arabica coffee that is grown mainly in Brazil, but also in other countries such as Colombia. This variety is highly valued by specialty coffee lovers due to its distinctive flavor and rarity. Maragogipe coffee is grown in tropical and subtropical […]

Hildebrando: a specialty coffee lover

At Cafelumbus we are convinced that the people who are part of our team and work on our farms must be as passionate about coffee as we are, only then can we bring our customers true quality coffee. For this reason, today we want you to meet Hildebrando, he is the supervisor of La Gabriela farm, […]

Cafelumbus is present at the World of Coffee Dubai

We went on a visit to Dubai to make tour  of the stands at the World of Coffee Dubai 2023, the leading coffee trade fair for exhibitors and visitors from the Middle East, a space designed for UAE coffee companies and those who want to enter the Middle Eastern coffee industry. On these days, we […]

Elkin and Diana: caretakers of the La Gabriela farm

caretaker coffee farm

La Gabriela is the oldest farm in our company, it has more than 100 years of coffee tradition and different families have passed through it, dedicated to collecting coffee and welcoming those who visit it with the best smile. La Gabriela is located between 1,300 and 1,600 meters above sea level. A 29.5-hectare farm, surrounded […]

Soil health in coffee cultivation

Farmer in a coffee crop

Soil health is the key to achieving quality coffee. Today, we will teach you our secret to achieving the expectations from the market, while we carry out sustainable agriculture in our coffee crops. Have you heard about mountain microorganisms? Belong to 4 groups: fungi, bacteria, actinomycetes, and yeasts. Their function is to break down organic […]

Sustainable coffee farms in Cafelumbus


Sustainable coffee farms are concerned that sustainability is transversal, that is, not only in the cultivation and production processes or the relationship with the environment but also in the social aspect. When buying the coffee, Do you wonder what conditions the farmers who picked work in? Some brands won’t tell you, but we will, because […]

Exotic varieties of coffee, the commitment of Cafelumbus

exotic variety of coffee

The exotic varieties of coffee were the answer we found 4 years ago to produce a very high-quality coffee and offer our clients varieties that are different from the traditional ones. In our coffee laboratory, we began to look for new options with more complex cup profiles, moving away a bit from the traditional Colombian […]

Regenerative agriculture and specialty coffee

Regenerative agriculture is our ally in the production of specialty coffee because the coffee industry has been changing and we are changing with it, which is why we seek to guarantee quality coffee not only for the present but also for the future. Although we have been working on our farms for several years under […]

Harvest Updates (16th Jan to 22th Jan)

The harvest in most of the Regions of Colombia are finished, now the farmers are preparing their facilities and crops for the next main harvest. Some of this task they do is cleaning the land, pruning, fertilization of the soil this helps to receiving in good conditions the harvest in the second semester of 2022 […]