Hildebrando: a specialty coffee lover

At Cafelumbus we are convinced that the people who are part of our team and work on our farms must be as passionate about coffee as we are, only then can we bring our customers true quality coffee.
For this reason, today we want you to meet Hildebrando, he is the supervisor of La Gabriela farm, he is in charge of training the coffee pickers and making sure that they collect the cherries in an optimal state of maturation.
He has been working in the world of coffee for more than 20 years and although he has been presented with opportunities to work on other types of farms, his choice is always coffee farms because his goal is to continue learning about specialty coffee.
If you want to know the recommendations that Hildebrando gives our collectors to know what cherries they should collect and thus meet the quality that we are used to bringing to our customers, we invite you to watch the following video:


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