coffee flowering: a crucial event in crops

coffee floweringCoffee flowering is a crucial event within the productive stage of coffee, since it marks the beginning of the harvest cycle. 7 of our main farms have outstanding production with healthy crops and trees in excellent condition.

In Colombia it occurs at different time of the year and regions of the country and is influenced by factors such as altitude, temperature and rainfall, but in general it occurs between the months of April and May.

After 35 months we can once again see our mountain dressed in an intensive white characteristic of the coffee blossom. These flowers are crucial for production because they attract native bees and honey that increase the rate of pollination.

This flowering represents more that 60% of our current production and it has been a long time since we have seen this phenomenon with such quality, so we hope that in 8 months we will obtain a first harvest that meets the expectation of this wonderful flowering.

If you would like see for yourself our first flowering of 2023, please book a visit to our farms clicking here.


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