Maragogype variety grows in our crops

Maragogype variety , also known as “elephant” due to its size, is a variety of Arabica coffee that is grown mainly in Brazil,maragogype variety trees

but also in other countries such as Colombia. This variety is highly valued by specialty coffee lovers due to its distinctive flavor and rarity.

Maragogipe coffee is grown in tropical and subtropical regions. At Cafelumbus we grow this variety on our farms La Reserva, La Colombia and La Gabriela, between 1,300 masl and 1,750 masl. This coffee requires a lot of shade to grow and grows in nutrient-rich, well-drained soils.

As for the harvest, it is done manually by our team, selecting only the ripe beans and leaving the green ones for later collection, this is essential to obtain high-quality beans. In each of our farms, we carry out different processes to obtain coffees with different attributes and flavor notes, without neglecting the quality and distinctive flavor that characterizes maragogipe.

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