When is the next harvest in Cafelumbus?

When is Cafelumbus harvesting again?

Flycrop or Mitaca from April to June

Flycrop in Antioquia is starting now ¨This is the opportunity to see “Marra” “THE ABUNDANCE” in red coffee cherries, ¡It’s a time full of surprises! We have been waiting for a long time to cup what we take been caring off for more than 8 months. At the end, what we want is to have a super cup¨  Gabriel, Quality Manager

specialty coffee
specialty coffee

The challenge of exporting coffee in a short period of time after the harvest arrives, causes the farms to restructure their infrastructure to be efficient and at the same time continue with the values that characterize us as a Colombian Specialty Coffee company that is socially responsible and cares for the environment.

This set of requirements makes our coffee special. Coffee planted at  heights of 1,600 and 2,000 m.a.s.l. standardized methods of collection, training and stability for employees in their work, water conservation, and community commitment, industry leadership and ethical sourcing are the result of the high quality of Cafelumbus coffee.

Why are we so emphatic about these issues? Because like today’s consumers, we are fully aware of the impact we cause on the earth, both as individuals and as a company. So, our mission is to make sure that, from the first step in the chain we follow all the measures we value for sustainability throughout the process.

…And what are those values?

To start with, the recovery of the cultivation systems by means of the shades from other plantations of trees, which serves for the protection of the plant avoiding erosion and desertification. This action also adds value to the ecosystem by promoting biodiversity in crops, with birds, insects, snakes and native animals in the area.

Specialty Colombian Coffee

Second, we care for, train and promote our main participants in the process: the cherry pickers and sorters. They work 8 hours a day with a payment higher than what is used in the area to ensure we obtain the best quality coffee beans, just as we promise. We make sure the pickers are motivated during their work and reward them for the results.   

Also, after evaluating the quality of each farm, we define the way on how we are going to process the harvest cherry in order to determine what percentage will be for washed coffee for selecting estate coffee and which is going to be processed for micro-lots which are carefully selected to comply with our standards for quality, evaluated by Gabriel Restrepo, quality and sourcing manager.

Colombian Speicalty Coffee
Colombian Speicalty Coffee

¨ We follow the strictest quality controls prior to collection, during the harvests seasons until they are delivered to our customers ¨

By the way, we are offering our best coffee for this fly crop season, Java, Pacamara, Yellow Bourbon, Caturra – Enquire your offer! 

By following these and many other processes that challenge us as a company, we understand that focusing on people, nature, procedures and continuous learning strives for efficiency, innovation, inspiration and leads us to build solid, long-term and trustful relationships with our customers and community.

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