Every coffee lover will give you different reasons why coffee is important to them. Whether it’s that morning cup that gets you ready for the day or remembering the smell of a fresh brew in the morning as a child. Coffee has been a part of many lives. For us as coffee producers, we can proudly say that coffee is synonymous with Family, sacrifice, gratitude, and valuing life’s intangibles. It has allowed us to create lifelong memories and emotional bonds with some of the best people we know.

This year is very special to us, it marks 100 years of coffee tradition, memories, dreams, and plans to continue to show the world that there are no limits with one of the world’s most beloved beverages. This year we celebrate 100 years of growth and generational knowledge where we reinvent the way we bring coffee to the world. 

specialty colombian coffee
specialty Colombian coffee

Today, in a beautiful land located in Antioquia, the department of Colombia, where the soil and altitudes allow us to grow quality, consistent coffee we keep innovating and striving to obtain specialty coffee that you can value, love, and enjoy.

From the tree to your cup:

The coffee cup that you drink today, is a result of a reunion of activities that were carried out for more than a year, carefully and passionately done, caring and fertilizing the soil that results in healthy coffee trees and abundant red cherries.

Sergio Alvarez, Cafelumbus Farms Manager explains. Check out this video to understand how are the processes at the origin to assure that you receive the best green coffee to achieve the best profiles. 

Check out our video.
Check out our video.

Innovating Flavours: 

Along these years we strive to continuously innovate, being curious for finding more profiles and being able to play with our coffee like a culinary experiment, always trying to use new recipes and ingredients to benefit the cupping profile, creating unique experiences for each of our clients. 

HOW WE STARTED, we have been exploring different forms of fermentation, aiming to find new flavors or improving the ones we already have, but always looking for something new using innovation and technology.

We have tried different methods of processing, natural, honey, washed with different fermentation times but we have done it in the presence of oxygen and although we had changes in the profile we didn’t find a surprising profile cup, then we began to experiment with lactic fermentations where we found that the best flavors were expressed in the naturals.

Colombian Specilaty Coffee
Colombian Specialty Coffee

So, we decided to start FERMENTATION in the total absence of oxygen and it was by displacing the O2 from the mass and then adding CO2 to promote the growth of lactobacilli, who are the main actors in the development of delicious fruity notes in our cupping profile. From this process, we have made different variations in total fermentation times and CO2 injection, as a part of a continuous quest of the most exotic flavors.

For some coffees, we have used fermentation times of 8 days with CO2 injection every 8 hours. 


Not always has been so nice and smooth; in the process, we have spoiled and ruined a lot of coffee and we have achieved from the ultra fermented profiles that very few appreciate by our clients. We have even achieved such rare flavors that even we cannot identify what they were. Once we developed a taste so unpleasant that we all agreed that it resembled horse manure. But here we are, innovating, trying, and looking to give you the best coffee we have and we find. 

All the Cafelumbus team invites you to stay tuned to know what is coming in the next months with our 100th Aniversary.

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