Santiago Jurado: Cafelumbus’ Coffee Chivalry Commander

Meet Santiago Jurado, the driving force behind the green coffee sales at Cafelumbus. With a deep-rooted passion for coffee that began during his childhood travels between Armenia and Medellín, Santiago’s journey from an amateur barista to a key player in the coffee industry is as rich and flavorful as the beans he helps to bring […]

Cup Colombian Specialty Coffee W/ The Producer

Cup Colombian Specialty Coffee W/ The Producer. Join us on a journey to WOC Copenhagen, where we are set to showcase the finest Colombian Specialty Coffee. As we prepare for this year’s World of Coffee (WOC) event, we reflect on the lessons learned and the excitement of presenting our coffee to the world. Arranging Our […]

Boosting Coffee: Sustainable Practices at La Colombia Farm

Welcome back, coffee enthusiasts! 🌱 At La Colombia farm, we’ve seen an exciting 8% increase in coffee production, thanks to removing glyphosate and embracing sustainable practices. Let’s dive into how these changes are transforming our farm. The Glyphosate EffectGlyphosate, commonly used for pest and weed control, disrupts the flowering synchronization in coffee plants. By eliminating […]

The Impact of Rains at The Coffee Farms

Heavy rains are a common challenge for coffee producers at this time of the year in Antioquia, Colombia. At Cafelumbus, we understand the importance of weather patterns and their significant impact on coffee production. Explore how these heavy rains affect our farms and the measures we take to ensure the quality and sustainability of our […]

Empowering Women Coffee Pickers in Colombia

The Unsung Heroes of Ciudad Bolívar: Celebrating the Women Coffee Pickers of La Colombia Farm Amid the lush coffee plantations of Ciudad Bolívar, where the landscape is painted with coffee plants basking in the summer sun and nourished by the intense rains that drench the mountain slopes, a unique story unfolds. This region, bordering Chocó […]

Sustainable Coffee: Managing Weeds & Bejucos

Everything about coffee can be considered an art form. Each hand involved in the production, selection, quality control, roasting, and preparation of specialty coffee comprises a set of factors that ultimately bring out the best of the best in every note presented in a cup. Not to forget the role of Mother Earth, whose soil […]

Revolutioary Production in Andean Region

The harvest season is in full swing in the Andean region, particularly in the southern municipalities of the country. With the long-awaited arrival of April rains, coffee growers have seen the start of a crucial period for harvesting. While this meteorological phenomenon has affected the quality of the grain, there is great optimism for the […]

Our Specialty Coffee at SCA Chicago

At Cafelumbus, it is our honor to represent the hard work of Colombian coffee pickers and farmers at the global stage. Our participation in the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Expo in Chicago highlights our commitment to showcasing the world’s finest Specialty Colombian Coffee. Why Specialty Colombian Coffee? Colombian coffee is renowned for its rich flavors […]

Crafting Conscious Coffee: Organic and BASC Certified

As coffee enthusiasts, we understand the value of ethically sourced, organic coffee that enriches our lives with each sip. Our commitment to responsible harvesting, environmental stewardship, and fair treatment of coffee farmers sets the standard in the market. We take pride in our three certifications: European Organic, USDA, and BASC. European and American organic certifications […]

Comprehensive Approach for Sustainable Farming

Embracing Regenerative Agriculture: A Comprehensive Approach for Sustainable Farming At Cafelumbus, we’re dedicated to regenerative agriculture as a fundamental principle guiding our farming practices. Our holistic approach begins with meticulous assessment and planning, ensuring the sustainability of our operations. Building Soil Health: The Foundation of a Thriving Ecosystem We understand that healthy soil is the […]