Five dangers of the origin trip in Colombia

Coming on the origin trip to visit our coffee plantations can be very challenging and even dangerous trip!

Are you impatiently waiting to know why? Keep reading then!

After few hours the dangers might start creeping up on you. Previous visitors want to warn you that according to them the biggest five dangers are:

  • you will find a coffee plantation of your dreams, that you will never want to leave;
  • you will want to take more coffee with you, than your baggage allowance is;
  • you won’t be able to fall asleep for three days straight, because you have cupped all the coffee in Antioquia;
  • you will become too attached to the specialty coffee farmers and you won’t want to leave each other;
  • you will realize that nothing else is more worthwhile than growing coffee;

Come visit, we are waiting for you:)

Let us know at  https://cafelumbus.com/origin-trip/


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