What to know about cafes in New York

Brooklyn, New york

After a lovely stay and all the fun times, that we had while exploring specialty coffee cafes in Brooklyn, New York last month, we will share our experience and discoveries. So if you are a coffee lover who is planning a trip to NYC,  keep these notes handy. It will help you to find some of the best coffee places, you have ever been.


Bluestone lane

The guys over here know, what it is all about, when it comes down to coffee and matcha. Our favorite here: a cold brew, before boxing class! Incredibly delicate flavor and perfect balance. Their matcha latte is to die for – just in case you have been looking for one like that.




Our favorite Colombian coffee place in NYC is located in Williamsburg. That’s where we got most of our morning coffees during our stay. Stylish desighn, the inside of the place looks and feels like a traditional Colombian grandma house. Ask for their seasonal coffee and get lucky with some Bourbon variety.



Sweat shop

Australian vibes and beautifully prepared Counter Culture Coffee. The acaí bowl is definitely in a must try list. Pretty good lattes.




Toby’s Estate

Yes, they do have great coffee here as well.For those who like milk alternatives for their lattes, this is the place. Very smooth and great tasting vegan lattes.Plus the avocado toast is amazing for a healthy and filling breakfast. They always have nicely roasted Colombian coffee available, and this is why we like them:)


Simple and to the point. At Blue Bottle you always know, great coffee is on the way.



La Colombe

We have to admit, they are amazing. Great sourcing team and definitely years of experience when it comes to coffee. You can taste it in every cup. You can smell it as soon as you enter their cafes. The the best nitro cold brew we have ever had, and we have tried a few. The team knows what they are doing when it comes down to cold brew coffee. In my opinion, the best nitro cold brew in the city.




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