Modesta From Paulig Coffee


Modesta's from Paulig Coffee red nails matched coffee cherries that were fully ripen and ready to be picked
Modesta’s nail color was a good indicator when coffee cherries are ripen and ready to be picked


Although  I have been working in the coffee industry for the last 8 years, this was the first time visiting specialty coffee farms. I was surprised at how important the specialty coffee growing and processing stages are. So many steps and quality standards, as picking only ripe and healthy coffee cherries, following appropriate growing and processing techniques could affect the taste of coffee in the end.



Modesta’s specialty smile surrounded by Typica coffee trees.


During this expedition, I was blown away by the flavors of the specialty coffee, that was produced on Cafelumbus farms, colors of coffee producing town Jardin, food prepared by Dora at La Gabriela farm and views of the coffee farms! Even my husband (who doesn’t regularly drink coffee) found his favorite coffee made from Maragogipe beans. Big applause for this professional team for what they do and for that perfect cup of coffee which we found here!


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