Empowering Women Coffee Pickers in Colombia

The Unsung Heroes of Ciudad Bolívar: Celebrating the Women Coffee Pickers of La Colombia Farm Amid the lush coffee plantations of Ciudad Bolívar, where the landscape is painted with coffee plants basking in the summer sun and nourished by the intense rains that drench the mountain slopes, a unique story unfolds. This region, bordering Chocó […]

Sustainable Coffee: Managing Weeds & Bejucos

Everything about coffee can be considered an art form. Each hand involved in the production, selection, quality control, roasting, and preparation of specialty coffee comprises a set of factors that ultimately bring out the best of the best in every note presented in a cup. Not to forget the role of Mother Earth, whose soil […]

Modesta From Paulig Coffee

    Although  I have been working in the coffee industry for the last 8 years, this was the first time visiting specialty coffee farms. I was surprised at how important the specialty coffee growing and processing stages are. So many steps and quality standards, as picking only ripe and healthy coffee cherries, following appropriate growing […]