Revolutioary Production in Andean Region

The harvest season is in full swing in the Andean region, particularly in the southern municipalities of the country. With the long-awaited arrival of April rains, coffee growers have seen the start of a crucial period for harvesting. While this meteorological phenomenon has affected the quality of the grain, there is great optimism for the […]

A Deep Dive into Cafelumbus Regenerative Agriculture

At Cafelumbus, we believe that coffee is more than just a delicious beverage; it’s a symbol of connection, passion for the land, and a commitment to a sustainable future. We achieve this by implementing regenerative agricultural practices that not only protect the environment but also enhance the quality of our coffee. What is regenerative agriculture? […]

Modesta From Paulig Coffee

    Although  I have been working in the coffee industry for the last 8 years, this was the first time visiting specialty coffee farms. I was surprised at how important the specialty coffee growing and processing stages are. So many steps and quality standards, as picking only ripe and healthy coffee cherries, following appropriate growing […]

G1 explained and coffee experience full on

No kilt, no bagpipe, but lots of stories and outrageous photography skills. Explanation of the secret behind G1 For the first day of the visit we decide to do a hike and to top it up with storming the summit of G1. We kept on joking that it was the new K2 of Colombia, but […]