G1 explained and coffee experience full on

No kilt, no bagpipe, but lots of stories and outrageous photography skills. Explanation of the secret behind G1

For the first day of the visit we decide to do a hike and to top it up with storming the summit of G1. We kept on joking that it was the new K2 of Colombia, but I imagine K2 expedition would be more challenging than G1. We will post pictures.

The hike is always a good way to get to know each other better, test physical abilities, and feel the local vibe. Beautiful views, nice exercise and lots of new discoveries about Colombia and its culture. We got G1 figured out: it was actually supposed to be the word Guatape painted in the giant rock, but after letter G and the first half of letter U, they probably ran out of paint or had any other technical issues, therefore it stayed G1.

Next morning, after driving for 3 hours, we finally reached the fincas in the southwest of Antioquia and the adventurous exploring began. We started with the farm that is the most sentimental for our family, La Gabriela (named after our grandma). We feel so at home that we even forgot to call Fabian, the manager of the farms, to let him know we were coming. Lucky us and Fabian himself to have such a great wife. She has been feeding all the pickers during the picking seasons for 10 years, so she did not really freaked out by another four uninvited guesses for lunch. While we were checking on the new accommodation buildings for pickers, which were pretty sweet, literally, because they put molasses in the mix for the better hold of the bricks, Fabian’s wife and her mom, mastered to make an amazing local soup for lunch (sancocho).

After lunch we went to check on the coffee tree nursery, with thousands of baby geishas, which are going to be planted in august this year at our farm. We are also going to organize threshing and you are invited, to plant your own coffee lot which later on you will have the priority to buy coffee from. Read more at https://cafelumbus.com/rent-a-coffe-lot


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