Harvest Updates (07th Feb to 13th Feb)

We are in the process of transition from the 2021 harvest to the 2022 harvest, for this reason the volumes are low and the qualities are not the best.

The coffee that is available in the market at this time is from the cold zones and the volumes are very low.

We are waiting for the beginning of the main harvest in the south of the country, in this zone the harvest has already begun in low areas but the quality is still not the best, there will be more volume in March but better quality in April.

The price of the internal market continues high due to the scarcity of coffee to supply the current contracts.

In Antioch we are expecting flowers, the weather has changed very favorably in the last fifteen days, so if this situation continues we will have a better harvest in the second semester of 2022. This situation repeats itself in all the zones of the country that have their main harvest in the second semester of the year.


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