2019 was a year of great challenges and big achievements for Us. It was a year where we CAFELUMBUS travel the world and got to know more about different countries, people and got more immersed in this marvelous and huge world of coffee. 

We’re growing and expanding our vision to serve and passionately work on bringing you exceptional and exotic CAFE (Colombian Awareness For Everybody).

Chile Cafe Expo 2019
Chile Cafe Expo 2019

This year gave us the opportunity to overcome our expectations, to broaden our sight but also to be more focused on our vision. We can say, this year was full of amazing experiences and challenges that let us improve every procedure in our company and the way we do business. 

All the events that we attended, such as, SCAA 2019. Boston, Hotelex 2019 in Shanghai, Le Paris Coffee Show 2019, France World of Coffee 2019 in Berlin Germany, The Annual SCTA Coffee Conference 2019 in Switzerland, Expo Café 2019 in Colombia, Cafe Show Seoul 2019 in Seoul, Taiwan International Coffee Show 2019 in Taipei, ExpoCafé Chile 2019 in Chile, provided us with new and fresh ideas about how we want to continue expanding and be present in the world. 



Rainforest Certification
Rainforest Certification

All the good news is not only for the international side, one of the most important parts of our company are our coffee growers and collaborators because without their work CAFELUMBUS would not exist. This year, we made some upgrades to the farms; we implemented hot water and the internet, in order to make the farmer’s life easier and comfier. We have committed to our team’s wellbeing and to be transparent for our clients in our operations and processes. Social Responsibility has recognized us since we started growing coffee 100 years ago. 

YES, our farms now are RAINFOREST CERTIFICATED, this has been one of the biggest achievements for us. Our farms have met the comprehensive, environmental, social and economic criteria associated with Sustainable Agricultural Standards. 


Finding new ways to innovate and bring you the best cup of coffee is about our lab focuses on. Today, we are using different procedures such as Anaerobic and Carbonic Maceration Processes. But, to make it simple and without getting too deep into biochemistry, essentially all coffee undergoes some degree of fermentation. What we do is try to elevate it and get new coffee flavors and aromas through the oxygen that gets from the environment and from microorganisms that grow with it. 

Let’s break down the terminology here first, so we don’t get bogged down into the details.

  • Anaerobic – no oxygen environment
  • Carbonic – carbon dioxide-rich environment
  • Maceration – a more inclusive term than fermentation, referring to microbial metabolism.

Our passionate team is always looking for the best and perfect cup, these procedures involve time, knowledge and efforts. Cafelumbus team is committed to getting everything that coffee trends bring to us and make it possible to offer you something extraordinary and outstanding to sell to your clients. 

We have the coffee you are looking for! and the one you never imagined you could cup. We are open to try and innovate with new processes, just send us an email or contact us and we can talk about it. Our nano lots and special micro-lots can give an added value to your coffee offers. 



The team grows with the company, to provide you a better service in all phases of the negotiations and construction of our long term relationship. Let us introduce some new team members: 

Adelina Rios, International Business Professional makes part of the sales team, she is helping us with all the procedures and activities that we do to make sure you receive accurate offers, samples and you feel right about choosing us as your green coffee supplier. Also, she is in charge of coordinating all the Origin Trips, this means she will look after every small detail of your trip to the origin and ensure is worth all the troubles and that you have a great time in Colombia.  

For us, the Marketing department is one of our background areas, because without marketing strategies we can’t have you know about all we have to surprise you, and we know it would be really difficult to enter new markets without previous market research. Therefore:

Andrea Serna came as the new person in charge of the CAFELUMBUS marketing department. She will help us and guide us to improve and apply new strategies to make the coffee world know us. The company found her personality and recognized by her creativity and enthusiasm. 

And, Simon Rios, leading our creative department is who translates our crazy ideas into reality. He is making our coffee world more full of content and imagination to make us recognized in every scenario.



If you are a current customer, or you are interested in becoming one, you are now part of our community. CAFELUMBUS wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. See you next year with more coffee news. 


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