If you are looking for an experience that lets you know and be part of the coffee process, our farmers, farms and all the elements, people and small things that are involved in the coffee that you want to have in your hands. The coffee expedition is the encounter to complement your coffee background. 

Austin is the head roaster and green coffee buyer for Second State Coffee in Charleston, South Carolina. He discovered us during a Q-course, where he met Ski being a classmate, he said that he was fortunate enough to experience Cafelumbus firsthand in February 2019 during a coffee expedition. It is this trip that inspired him to return to Ciudad Bolivar during the October harvest season.

“Every positive and negative observation I make during my time in Ciudad Bolivar will shape how I roast, buy, and serve coffee going forward. It will fill me with a wealth of knowledge that I can pass on to the awesome people who serve this coffee in our shops on a daily basis”

Cafe Lumbus is helping me achieve my goals.

Coffee Expedition
Coffee Expedition

Discover three reasons why a Coffee Expedition with Cafe Lumbus is Unique. 

They left me to my work. I slowly and methodically struggled to pick only the cerezas rojas and avoid picking the green cherries. Determined to do my job as best I could, I had to remind myself to stop for a minute and look around. Take it in. You’re in Colombia picking coffee. My hands had now brewed, roasted, and picked coffee. 

I followed Sergio and Carlos to the nearest weigh station where the other pickers gather to unload the coffee into a well that carried the cherries down to the washing station. After stumbling back down the mountain, I Carlos’ wife, Patricia, preparing a satisfying local lunch with ingredients from the farm. We sat in mostly silence, ate and then as we finished our meal, a truck arrived to pick up what appeared to be maybe 40 or 50 sacks of processed coffee. 

I share my experiences because I believe in the people at Cafelumbus. I believe in the opportunity they’re offering to not just buy quality Antioquian coffee but to explore their land and know your producers. Cafelumbus is opening the door of Colombia to those who want to discover its beauty. I want all of us who buy, roast, and brew coffee to seek and find relationships of honesty and love that can last a lifetime with those who are producing it around the world. I want coffee to be more than just a drink but a vessel for connection. It is the only way, in my opinion, for specialty coffee to truly be “special.”

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