Origin Coffee – The importance of buying directly from Producers.

When you think of origin Colombian coffee, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

To many, Colombian coffee is the country’s rich soil, altitude, and ideal weather. These factors combined make the perfect morning brew. But Origin Colombian coffee is something much bigger. 

In the 1700s when coffee was first brought to the new world, Colombian farmers were taught a very special practice. The practice of growing and picking coffee beans. This practice which is now our country’s most important tradition is something we take great pride in. Why? Because it is done no different today than it was back in the 18th century. 

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Coffee Facts
Coffee Facts

Coffee employs over 540,000 families in Colombia alone. These families are in charge of the difficult task of hand-picking the best coffee. We’re proud to be a part of this group of families. 


For us as coffee producers, we can proudly say that coffee is synonymous with brotherhood, sacrifice, gratitude, and valuing life’s intangibles. It has allowed us to create lifelong memories and emotional bonds with some of the best people we know. Which is why this year is special to us as it marks Cafelumbus 100th year anniversary. 100 years producing coffee, memories, dreams, and plans to continue to show the world that there are no limits in the world of coffee.

We celebrate 36.500 days of growth and generational knowledge where we reinvent the way we bring coffee to the world. Today, we invite you on this journey where we relive the last 100 years and be a part of our grand celebration.   

Specialty Colombian Coffee
Specialty Colombian Coffee

This month we commemorate the anniversary of one of our most special farms, La Colombia. Here the mountains, the smell of coffee, the color of flowers are the inspiration for growing and picking cherries from more than 8000 trees, and being a spectator of the whole process we carry out, fills me with pride. We have 52 acres of land and want to bring specialty coffee to the world. Proudly carrying the title of the main coffee picker for our Caturra and Maragopipe micro-lots is the reason why we work hard to discover new blends of specialty coffee. 

Our Promise to Smaller Coffee Producing Families 

As coffee growers, we take great pride in helping smaller farms within the various coffee regions. We know how hard it is for small coffee farms to export their product and not settle for the current undervalued market.

The coffee growing and picking process is all about tradition and technique but unfortunately, only the bigger farms are well-known. Families with smaller farms on occasion have to resort to selling to bigger farms in order to feed their families. Many of these growers don’t have the knowledge or enough product it takes to export. This is why it is our mission to ensure the smaller, less-known coffee farms have equal exposure. 

Within the world of coffee growers, we have a network of families with incredible coffee we’d like to showcase. This is why when you buy from us, you’re also buying from hundreds of families in the Antioquian coffee region. Even if our coffee isn’t the variety you were looking for, we’ll help you find your perfect fit.

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