I am very fortunate to have grown up to country life and to be able to enjoy the ephemeral joys of nature. One of my mother’s traditions was planting flowers to decorate the house with all sorts of colors and smells. My mother would also send us to collect the fruit from the trees that we had on the farm. We had mandarins, oranges, green guava and my favorite of course, blackberries for jam. There were times when we would pick coffee flowers during floration season. My brothers and I would accompany our father to the coffee plantations and we would pick the most beautiful flowers. 

As we got older and no longer collected flowers but instead, coffee, I was one of the best pickers. My father taught us from a very young age how to pick the best and it was said our family had the best beans. Especially our pink bourbon which is grown between 1200 and 1400 masl. We’re well-known in the area because all 5 women in this house are coffee growers and want to inspire women in the sector how to pick coffee. We are very proud and thankful for La Rosa!

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