El Diviso Farm

Located in: Palestina, Huila, Colombia.

Altitude: 1.490 masl.

Process: Washed and natural.

Drying Method: Sun Drying.

Area: 12 hectares.


About farm

Delfin started managing this farm, the coffee that was there was very old, especially caturra and common (Arabic), it was very abandoned, therefore the coffee was not productive, he had to work very hard to recover it, he got up early every day to clean it, pay it, take care of it as if it were his own, the house was very small and very old with plank floors there was no road the horse was the means of transport for everything. However, his wife and he really liked working. After four years of managing the farm, the boss offered it to him, He insisted and sayed: I will be very pleased that my farm stays in your hands, I trust you and you can pay me when you can.

Little by little, but with strength they raised the farm, planting coffee caturra throughout the farm. He managed to collect good harvests. He took the coffee to sell and they told him that the coffee tasted caramel and aromatic plants. Back then, He did not understand the quality, but he got invited to participate in regional contests, and after that he began to learn more about coffee and started participating in other contests. With the savings of those years of prosperity they managed to give study to their children. 

Now that Delfin and Stela are getting older, the children are the ones who have taken over the work.The youngest son Heiner Lazo is in charge of carrying out the processes, drying the coffee, tasting.

Stella is now engaged in what she has been most passionate about: gardening, she has a small nursery, she grows orchids among other plants.

The other son Wilder is in charge of marketing, soil studies and fertilization.

And the daughter is a teacher and supports them financially , helps with planning and projecting the infrastructure of the farm.

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