Blend Giraldo Farm

Located in: Giraldo, Antioquia, Colombia.

Altitude: 1.700 – 2.100 masl.

Varieties:  Caturra, Colombia, Castillo.

Process: Fully washed.

Harvest season: Nov-Jan 60% (Main Harvest), May-Jul 40% (Flycrop).

About farm

Located in the heights of the mountains of western Antioquia.
Most of the coffee producing farms are small, perhaps not reaching 1 hectare.

Giraldo is a land of coffee growers who are devoted to producing coffee that allows them to provide livelihood for their families and the community around it.

Coffee is the main driving factor in the local economy and producers are focused on high quality coffees. We at Cafelumbus have been collaborating with these farmers since the company started. Giraldo coffees have gained a well known reputation in local, regional and national Cup of excellence among other

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