La Yalena Farm

Located in: Caicedo, Antioquia, Colombia.

Altitude: 2.100 m.a.s.l.

Average temp: 20ºc.

Harvest Periods: Dec-Jan 60%, May-Jun 40%.


Honey, sun dried.

Variety: Caturra.

About farm

Elkin lives on his farm along with his wife Fernely and his daughter Dana Yalena who was the inspiration for the name of the farm. Elkin comes from a coffee producer family, he bought the farm with money that he saved by several years meanwhile he was working as a coffee picker in other farms. In the beginning he only had 500 coffee trees and those were insufficient to give enough money to live and he had to move to Medellín but life in the city was hard and he decided to come back to his farm. This time things were different, Elkin thought that the only way to be successful will be doing all different, working in quality to produce a better cup and get a better price, that was the reason why he decided to produce honey processed coffee. 

Now Elkin knows that picking quality is a key to improving cup score and he pays more to his workers to do a different process. Once coffee is in a wet mill he removes floaters, depulps and begins to dry taking care to rack continuously to assure an even drying process. He wants to learn more techniques to improve cup quality and be recognized as a high quality coffee producer.

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