El Sacatín

Located in: Concordia- Antioquia

Altitude: 20100-2022 m.a.s.l

Harvets Periods:


Process: washed, natural, maceration, honey

El Sacatín

Eduardo Fernandez, the producer of this farm tells us his story:

I am a third generation coffee grower, I have always dedicated myself to producing commercial coffee. I am a coffee lover and due to that, I discovered that coffee has different attributes and flavors, for that reason I deepened on my research and I learned about the different varieties that boot the cup and also the different flavors that I could achieve through the different processes. That is how I discovered and entered and focused on the word of different varieties, feeling rewarded now after 4 years since I have entered Specialty Coffee. Now I am a Q-grader and love to do this.


On this farm, I live with my wife Andrea Salazar, and my two-year son Miguel. 

But my two brothers and parents work with us in the coffee industry. Before I have entered into specialty coffee, this farm used to be milk producer-only, now we combine the two agricultural activities. 


Our plans for the future are to be more differentiated with exotic coffees and be known as our specialty coffee origin, thus reaching more markets. This has been a journey where we have done a lot of trying, evaluation, validation. 


Our clients should buy our coffee because they are different, exotic, not everyone has them because we have different non-popular varieties.


Process: washed, honey, carbonic maceration, naturals

We do anaerobic and aerobic fermentation, first, the cherries are fermented for 24 to 36 hours then we deposit them into barrels that are hermetically anaerobic for another 36 to 48 hours. 


Harvest is made by women, they are a group of 10 to 15 women who collect only the ripe optimal cherries. 


Drying: drying beds and marquee

We do solar drying and then mechanical for 30 or 40 days according to the weather.


Storage: the coffee is storage at a humid temperature and packed in a protective bag for a maximum of 6 months

We are the match between quality,
sustainability and customer relation

Develop trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Promote transparency in every step of the process.

Sustainability for people and the planet.

Support, educate and grow our coffee community.