San Adolfo Blend

Located in: Huila, Colombia.

Altitude: 1,650 – 1,900 m.a.s.l.

Harvest Periods: Mai: March to June Flycrop: October to Jan.

Process: Washed, Drying: Mechanical.

Variety: Tabi – Pink bourbon

About farm

Huila is located in the south region of the Colombian Andes, where there are approximately 150 thousand hectares cultivated in coffee and about 80.0000 families are dedicated to this production. 


The coffee from Huila is one of the famous ones in Colombia and no wonder why;  No region produces more coffee than Huila! Huila has ideal growing conditions for coffee. Solar radiation, temperature, and humidity.  Also, there is and a lot of rainfall that makes drying and processing a little bit challenging. Maybe that’s why this coffee is special and unique.


San Adolfo is a municipality southern Huila, where the little farms have dedicated to the production and processing of specialty coffee in order to start creating their own regional contests and achieving some amazing cups. The town has a history of violence, and before it was occupied by the armed groups of Colombia, however, after some intervention from the government towards peace and freedom, the people from San Adolfo is now dedicated to cultivating coffee and other fruits to sustain the economy of the region, becoming an important coffee producer.

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