El Rubí Farm


Located in: San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia.

Altitude: 1.650-1.800 masl.

Variety: Papayo, Pink Bourbon.

Farm size: 6 hectareas.


About farm

This farm was a wedding present from me with the help of my parents. If you love your woman you have to give her something special like diamond or ruby. My love was so big that one ruby could not express it, so I gave her thousands of rubies, that looked much nicer to me and it gave us much more than a stone that could ever give to a person. All these coffee rubies help us move forward and raise three beautiful daughters. When they will be big enough and find their husbands to be I will tell them what a real ruby is.

     -Former owner of the farm-

However, this farm was sold to the current owner, 25 years ago, Heiner and his wife Johanna, who lived in a neighbouring farm called El Diviso. This farm was initially growing variety Caturra, and then passed to Castillo, nowadays there is Papayo, Bourbon Pink and SL 28 planted.

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