Blend Pasto

Country: Colombia

Departament: Nariño

Municipaly: Pasto

Altitude: 1,900 – 2,100 

Farm: Blend

About farm

Pasto is located in southwestern the department of Nariño, Pasto is also known ¨The lioness of the Andes¨ and has long seen her inhabitants take advantage of the many virtues of this land, among them the rich volcanic soil. These coffees are harvested between 1,900 and 2,100 m.a.s.l on the steep lands of the Galeras Volcano, on green slopes that every now and then get covered in a thin blanket of volcanic ash, a phenomenon that enriches the ground with valuable minerals that foster healthy coffee trees making them of the highest quality,

The coffee produced in the of the department of Nariño is considered one of the best coffees in Colombia and the world, its intense and pronounced aroma, its high acidity, its sweetness, and incomparable flavor, are some of the attributes that have positioned this coffee in the highest quality standards.

The small producers of this blend have been coffee in a temperate climate with a median temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. This region is very close to the equator, with long hours of sunlight during the day and warm evenings because of the landscape’s forms, gives the ability to trap the heat around the coffee plantations, resulting in an incubating effect that protects the trees during the cool nighttime. Because of this, the trees here grow slower and once their cherries ripen, they acquire sweetness as well as a pleasing acidity characteristic of this blend. Growing coffee at a high altitude, with long hours of warmth during the day and Andean cold during the night is a challenge that our producing partners in Pasto have proudly taken on for many generations.

The Andean area of ​​Nariño is undoubtedly the most outstanding landscape in the region. The Andes mountain range forms the so-called Los Pastos knot in southern Colombia, from which the Western Cordillera and the Cordillera Centro, – a group of parallel mountain ranges together.

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