El Molino

Located in: Andes – Antioquia

Altitude: 1950 m.a.s.l

Harvets Periods:

Variety: Caturra and Colombia

Process: Washed

El Molino

Our farm, El Molino. The farm is named after a mill that was located here many years ago. It was a mil to process gold.


My father, Angel de Jesus Amrulanda Arboleda, bought this farm 45 years ago when he married my mother, Dioselina Marulanda Suarez. When my father bought this land, there was no house, no trees or plantations. The first thing they did was they planted 2000 coffee trees so that they would have an income generated by coffee crop. 5 years after that, they built a small house. That house no longer exists as I replaced it with a wood house that I built my self 10 years ago. Our farm is small, my two sisters help with coffee processing and many other challenges we face in producing better quality specialty coffee. We transport pergamino coffee for 2 miles by moles as the roads around here are pretty basic, actually here are no roads, only horse roads. 


Being a coffee producer is a great challenge and very hard work. However, today, being 27 years old, I’m grateful and it is an honor for me to follow my fathers legacy. I work hard and I put a lot of love into my work, this way I’m able to produce high-quality specialty coffee.

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