El Cavel

Located in: Ciudad Bolívar Colombia

Altitude: 1350 – 1550 m.a.s.l

Harvets Periods:


Process: Full Washed

El Clavel

Most of the coffee we make is washed, and in smaller quantities we make Honey and some natural.
The harvest is in the months of October to December and the mitaca between April and May.
We collect every 20 days, if there is enough labor, and we collect the ripe grains.
The collection is made by the collectors, an average of 60 people, we do it manually and the ripe grains are collected and 2 weights are made a day, a random analysis is carried out on each weight with a table where 100 grains are taken and it is verified that the The table does not contain more than 5% green and this is overcome, it is necessary to talk with the collector to improve their collection and if it does not improve the collector is suspended. If it is to get a Honey or Natural if it is preselected. We pay per kilo on average $ 550.
We carry out fermentation after pulping in vinegar tanks, in water for 12 hours, for the coffees. Washed
Most coffee is dried in mechanical silos, if it is Honey or Natural we dry them in the sun.
Tumble drying on average takes 22 hours with a temperature between 45 to 50 degrees.
We use fique # 6 packaging.
The coffee on the farm is stored for 2 days, when we have 150 bags we withdraw it for a winery in the town, until it is dispatched to the customer.
We handle humidity between 10.5 and 11.5, we verify it with a humidity detector.
We store in a warehouse with pallets, said warehouse is fresh, when the coffee reaches the town’s warehouse we carry out physical analysis of the coffee, humidity and we store according to the date of receipt, in order to be able to dispatch to our clients.

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